Interpretation of Te Reo Kotahi
One Voice is simply the waka on which the TSO sector with its many faces (nga matatini) carries community expectations and truths with integrity.
TSO: We use “TSO” (Third Sector Organisation) as shorthand to refer to "community" organisations/groups that have not been formed by Government or Commerce.

OVTRK:  is a no-cost opportunity to register individual TSOs as being interested in working with other TSOs in Greater Christchurch, according to our Treaty-based kaupapa.

INDEPENDENCE: We are independent and speak from the TSO sector – the Third Sector – providing opportunities for the voices of TSOs to be heard. We stand, as tangata whenua and tangata Tiriti, providing expertise and experience of and in the sector.
Did you know? A recent study, carried out in this country by Johns Hopkins University, concluded that there were 97,000 such organisations in the country - only 10% of them had any paid staff. We all know how much was done after "our" quake by groups in our sector. With approximately 10% of the population of this country being in Greater Christchurch we imply that there must be around 9000 TSOs here.

How we function 

We support and promote the contribution of organisations in the sector. We are working alongside local resident's association and other place-based groups with identity-based and interest-based groups.  Many of these are city-wide TSOs (several with national dimensions). People involved in Third Sector Organisations (TSOs) that are committed to our kaupapa can serve on the One Voice Te Reo Kotahi (OVTRK) Organising Group (OG):

Organising Group (at 31 July 2016)

Tangata Whenua
Rex Gibson Co-Chair with Ariana Wilson, Karaitiana Tickell, Anita Panirau, Richard Tankersley and Allen Gibbs.
Tangata Tiriti
Katherine Peet Co-Chair with Andrew Scott, Gina Payne, Nigel Rushton, Becca Bouffandeau, Sally Carlton, Martin Luff/Danny Squires and Sela Faletolu-Fasi
- with technical support from Dave Evans

Getting in touch
ATTN: One Voice Te Reo Kotahi
PO Box 32035
Christchurch 8147

For information not available on our blogspot

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